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BullionSpotPrice.com is a private, non-commercial website run by me, an amateur bullion buyer from the Europe. It's run as a hobby and a tool to help me make better bullion purchases.

This website was created because I needed something a little different. I'm interested in tracking precious metal spot prices across multiple currencies that aren't the US dollar. Sometimes, people forget the dollar isn't a fixed currency, the price of silver can rise in US dollars, yet fall in Sterling and Euros depending on what the currencies are doing (and visa-versa of course!). As a way to help me track the relative value of gold and silver, I've created my own index - The BullionSpotPrice.com Index, that tracks the spot price of gold and silver using a basket of currencies. The idea behind this is not to set a numerical value to the current spot price, but to show a general trend of how gold and silver are performing.

The other reason I built this website was to enable me to reference the price of junk silver coins in my local currencies - something that's handy when bidding on ebay auctions. Whilst there are other websites that do this, I prefer a simple table format and I need to know the values of British and European coins - not just the American coins that other websites focus on. I don't need to have up-to-the-minute pricing, a general idea of the current spot price is good enough - hence the spot and currency prices are only updated every 6 hours. To update on a more frequent basis would require a commercial feed and I don't need to reference the prices often enough to justify the expense of that - especially when there's plenty of other online sources of currency and spot prices.

I hope you enjoy using this website and find it useful in some way. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact me using the form below.

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