British 1849 - 1901 Silver Victoria Florins Under Spot

This page searches live eBay auctions to find Victoria Florins that are currently listed cheaper than the spot / melt value.
The best eBay site to find British bullion and junk silver is on eBay United Kingdom - searching other countries is likely to return fewer or no results.

Spot Value: 5.19 USD / 3.93 GBP
United Kingdom Pounds (GBP) spot price last updated: 34 minutes ago.

  Description * Price Spot Ending Bids Shipping *
preview 1900 Queen Victoria Silver One Florin GBP4.99 +1.06 2 days 0 GBP1.37
preview Queen Victoria 'old veiled head' United Kingdom florin / two shilings 1901 GBP4.00 +0.07 3 days 0 GBP1.99
preview 1900 Queen Victoria Florin GBP6.49 +2.56 19 days GBP0.55

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